Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Tangled Up....sold

"All Tangled Up" watercolor (6" x 8")


Have you ever found yourself all tangled up? For some people its in relationships with others, or for the rough ones...in a physical brawl. For me, its all in my head that I get tangled up...past issues, current issues, trying to be present....but most importantly trying to be the person God intended me to be. For some reason, its not as smooth as I think it should be, and spend more time untangling and getting myself freed up. Everyday I take on the challenge: how can I be free of the past and move forward from what holds me back? How can I move that hockey puck towards the goal...?

Todays painting was a commisioned piece and a fun one to do. I just love painting action shots...trying to capture the movement and emotions. The subject is professional hockey player Brett Sterling, who has played for the AHL Chicago Wolves and NHL Atlanta Thrashers. For more info, read the great write up of him in USA Hockey Magazine.