Friday, October 30, 2009

Along the Venetian Canal -sold!

"Along the Canal" watercolor (10 " x 7")
Colors, colors, colors oh my! I find it fascinating that if a group of artists were given the same image to paint...the resulting works would all come out differently (and that's not due to skill-set). The reality is that artists start off in a similar fashion....drawing the image out on the canvas or paper, its what happens after...the translations...that makes the end products so remarkably unique.
So although it may appear that artists "see" things differently than most, in actuality their perspectives are accurate...its just that their interpretations may be unique. Kinda like life huh, sometimes we assume that because something, some circumstance, or some person isn't translated the way we think it should be....we assume that their perspective and approach is off...but in reality the translations are what makes the world so colorful.