Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friendships in Life

"Castello di Vicarello II" watercolor (4" x 7 3/4")
This little painting was a fresh and simple delight to do! Several years ago, my husband and I travelled to Tuscany, Italy with some dear friends of ours. We had an absolutely fabulous time and one of the highlights was visiting this restored Estruscan castle, Castello di Vicarello (I just love saying it...), in Maremma. The owners so graciously hosted us for an exquisite meal (including abundant wines from their vineyards) and a lovely tour of the luxurious yet intimate retreat. It was an absolutely fabulous time with our friends! (did I say that already?); I suppose that is why I enjoy painting the images that we captured while there...reminds me that its the friendships in life that matter most.