Thursday, December 17, 2009

Harvey Too! -sold!

"Harvey Too!" watercolor (12" x 9")
SOLD (Commission)

In life, these are the moments that you live for...the accomplishment of something you were afraid of failing at. Meet Harvey Too! I was asked to paint his doggie portrait... I had never done dogs, let alone many animals, before this...but I courageously said "yes"...without even seeing the subject (as my husband says "Let's DO this!). Then I got the photos...turns out Harvey Too! is a solid white shepard...hmmm this will be a challenge. But I knocked it out, and it was so much fun....every step of the way. I am so thankful that this challenge was brought my way and that God gave me the strength to say "yes"- because of this I was able to experience some joy and the satisfaction of doing I can more easily embrace the "Harvey Too!"'s that come my way.
P.S. The real life Harvey Too is a sweet and delightful big ol' dog that loves giving kisses with that tongue!