Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peaceful Courtyard -Sold!

"Peaceful Courtyard - Mission Inn" watercolor (30" x 22")
I have a confession to make....nearly every painting that I do goes through a brief phase where I am saying "Uh oh, this is not going to work...what a waste of expensive Arches paper", and I am tempted to dump it. But I somehow, and almost blindly, press on...and then viola it appears...it all comes together and usually works. I often ask myself "what is it that makes me doubt the outcome, that almost causes me to quit?" This morning I got clarity and realized that it is very parallel to my real life. It is that "in between zone", the place between the great drawing (the vision) and the finished product...where I sometimes get blurry. I loose the faith and confidence that I can execute it. When this happens in life and in my painting process (even if it is just for a moment), I have stepped out of my "Peaceful Courtyard" and I loose the joy....but as soon as I choose to press on the joy returns. My goal for my painting, and especially for my life, is to never leave the "Peaceful Courtyard"....so that I may enjoy the process start to finish.