Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artist Perspective - sold!

"Pasadena City Hall II" watercolor (9" x 12")

I have painted Pasadena City Hall several times now, and love that there has always been a new perspective or focal point to render. I like when that happens...imagine if something looked the same no matter how, when or why you painted it. I would love to take this "artist perspective" into other parts of my life...challenge myself to look at situations and people independently of how I "saw" them before. Allow myself to be absorbed in the new perspective, different lighting , a new season, etc so that I may see that person or situation in that exact moment, not blinded by my own perspective or history.

For those that are interested, I documented the process of painting "Pasadena City Hall II" and have posted a slide show below. I tried to break down my painting approach into stages and comment a bit on them. To navigate, just click on the should take you to the album titled "Pasadena City Hall II demo". Click on SLIDE SHOW in the upper left corner. On the first page you can slow down the slide rate, so you can read the captions. Enjoy.