Wednesday, January 13, 2010

California Dreamin'-SOLD!

"California Dreamin' " (watercolor) 9" x 12"

I have to admit...and I don't get to say this very often...but I just LOVE the way this painting came out. The whole artistic process was a blast and so rewarding. First, and foremost, the reference photo is from fellow South Pasadenian Laurie Allee who runs a great blog herself called "Glimpses of South Pasadena". She takes these wonderful photos of out and about in our local town. Today's piece came from her Jan 6th posting justly titled "Fantasyland" (and yes, for those really is like this in January...sorry). Anyway, as you can see from her striking is perfect for and white, strong lights and darks, great perspective, a great composition, and a scene with a personal reference...just a treat to start with.