Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

"Window Treatment" watercolor (8" x 6")

Well here we are...2010! Does the New Year make you reflective of the past year or hopeful for the year ahead? Do you focus on what didn't transpire last year, or what you can do differently this year? Do you mourn that year "lost" or do you anticipate what the new year will bring? Today in this fresh start of 2010, I will make a choice....This year I choose to continue to challenge myself, this year I choose to be quicker in forgiving- yet slower to anger, this year I choose take my eyes of the past and focus on the present. Today, instead of choosing my needs and wants, I choose His plan and purpose for me. Today, and everyday, I choose to feel God's love for me. These are my New Years resolutions.