Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slowing Down with Multiple Stops -Sold!

"Walking in to Radicondoli, Italy" watercolor (7" x 9")

While on our stay in the Tuscan countryside a few years back I discovered a concept , or rather a lifestyle, that I absolutely adored but really had a hard time grasping.....walking into town daily to get your bread from the bakery, your cheese from the "cheese guy", your produce from the "produce guy", etc.....As a a native of Los Angeles...born and raised in the car...with 'Super' everything (supermarkets, super drugstores, super discount stores, etc...)...this was so cool...but then there was this little bratty Valley Girl (yes I am a genuine Valley Girl) whispering in my head..."oh how inefficient this is" that with an ex-academic scientist (yes I have a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology)...."Can't we make this so we don't have to do this daily-like plan it out and get what we need for the week?". But seriously...this is what makes it all so charming and what Italy is. As cumbersome as it may have really got us out of our element, forced us into their lifestyle, encouraged us to interact with the locals....and most of all, made us SLOW taking the seemingly insignificant acts and making them the focal point. Today, and quite honestly everyday, I would like to find that here in my daily I just have to GPS the cheese store, the bakery, the meat shop, the farmers market, CVS drugstore, and Costco (we need toilet paper) and then map out the best and quickest way to make these stops :)