Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Own Personal Little Holiday- Sold!

"Piana, Western Corsica" watercolor (9 1/2" x 12")

The next stop on Bill Guffey's Virtual PaintOut is Corsica!! For the month of January, artists are charged with painting any location in Corsica that you can find on Google Map Images ....I have pulled up so many incredible images, with leads me to ask....where are all these cameras?...or is this all satellite derived? my technology-challenged mind just can't wrap around this....anyway this painting was so relaxing and fun for me to do. As a painting gets to the closing stages I will plop it up on the fireplace mantle and look at it from varying angles, or step away for a bit (i.e., do some dishes, fold laundry, sweep up the dog hair, cook dinner, pick up our daughter at school, oh wait... I digressed!) anyway, when I come back to a painting, it is always with fresh eyes...Well, for this painting I felt like I just couldn't leave truly felt my like my own little vacation. I kept gazing at it and feeling like I was right Mediterranean breezes on top of the brilliant turquoise blue island shores. So today, if you find yourself needing a little holiday...just gaze at this piece. It works!