Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Casa Luana

"Casa Luana"
watercolor (10" x 14")

Picture this.....a Tuscan farmhouse built in the early 1800's (maybe earlier, I can't remember), placed strategically on the rolling hillside and outskirts of a small municipality called Radicondoli. The farmhouse is surrounded by huge Oak trees, a plethora of citrus trees and apple trees. The kitchen inside is a typical farmhouse kitchen, simple...the fresh bread is out on the cutting board...the smell of freshly brewed Italian ground coffee is wafting in the air....The morning mist has just lifted, and you and your friends decide to go for a "stroll" to the local mid-evil fortress on the adjacent hillside...all the while being careful not to disturb the grazing flock of sheep just outside. Yes, this was a typical morning at "Casa Luana".