Thursday, February 11, 2010

Follow with Caution

"Morning Walk"
watercolor (5" x 7")

Every morning on the way to dropping off our daughter to school, we pass this street corner and nearly always see this woman walking her little dog. She walks with her cane in one hand and the dog leash in the other...occasionally another woman (whom I assume is her adult daughter) accompanies her. I have seen this scene so many different ways...different days, different seasons, different moods..I could almost do a series on just her....unfortunately the camera, the photographer (me), the street-light timing ...always seems to be off....not to mention my daughter isn't much help...she shrivels down in her seat with embarrassment whenever I whip out my camera while driving....and the people in the cars behind us just "don't get it".....That I NEED to get this photo!! Maybe I need to get one of those signs on the back of my car "Follow with Caution...Driver Makes Sudden (and unexplained) Stops". Yea! that would work, as if our daughter isn't embarrassed enough as it is.