Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tired? Yes...Weary? No

watercolor (4 1/2" x 8 1/2")

I have a confession to make...well actually two.....well, honestly there are three. First one...this painting was done well over a week ago. Second, I had no real reason as to why I didn't post it right away except that it was "too loud" for me to do so. Third confession.....when I finally felt ready to post it...ironically that day I received the blogging "Sunshine Award" for positivity and creativity...Hmmm discussing the issues of painting a homeless/or "socially challenged" individual didn't seem so "positive" to me. Anyway, in amongst all my confessions there is the reality that while I was doing this painting I was truly feeling weary. I was overwhelmed with life. I was tired. I was fatigued. I was drained. I was sleepy. I was somnolent (Webster's word not mine). I was the weary one. Have you ever had a day (or days) like that? Now here I was painting this most unfortunate man...yet so still caught up in my own little world that I couldn't even see the perspective. I was warm (and not just because I live in Southern California). I have a beautiful roof over my head. I have a bed to lay my head down on. I have food in the kitchen. I have means to get all my needs met. I have the capabilities to be living in my passion. I have friends and family that love me. I have a beautiful family. I have my health. I have my God. Back to confession #2...it took me several days to turn from my own weariness and focus on all the things the God has blessed me with...and miraculously He has lifted my burdens and I no longer feel weary. Tired? Yes (I still am a wife, mom, and an artist trying to do it all)...but weary? No.