Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pathway to Belforte

"Path to Belforte, Italy"
watercolor (14" x 19")

This painting was a true delight to do...the way it came together...the colors, the depth (in perspective and in value saturation)...the warmth and cools...and more importantly, the memories of a special trip to Tuscany with our friends. This was a path that, believe it or not, started right at our Radicondoli villa and went into the neighboring village of Belforte. This historic route was once the main means of communication between the two villages (people on foot, horseback or donkey!)-----what! they didn't have phones, texting, IM, skype, email or even "Blogville" to post in ?? !!!

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Well, back to my pathway to's time to take that brisk morning walk...staying clear of the grazing sheep.