Friday, March 12, 2010

The Perfect Image-SOLD!

"6th and Spring, LA"
watercolor (12" x 9")

Have you ever had an experience that you know will have a huge influence on your life?...that you will never be the same?...that it is so profound that it's effects will take some time to manifest? Well on Tuesday, I was blessed to have had that in my life. And it all started here....driving into downtown Los Angeles. Today's painting is from an image I captured while driving (yes...and you can tell from the perspective and the street lights...I was actually driving, not stopped at a perfectly timed light this time). It was mid-morning, the sunlight was high enough to start creeping into the streets between the sky scrapers- a painters delight. But this is not what it was about me capturing "the perfect image" to was about serving the homeless at the Midnight Mission. Our beautiful friend, Karen, so kindly arranged a group of us to volunteer in food prep and serving lunch to the homeless men and women that the Midnight Mission benefits. After the food prep, my task was to hand out plastic cups with iced tea and napkin-wrapped forks to every homeless person that came through the line with a tray of food. I stood there, and by the grace of God...looked into every individual homeless person's eyes, smiled, had a tiny exchange of dialog, and felt their spirit. I served half of the 550 homeless people that afternoon...and it truly felt like 5 minutes had passed. The only indication that it was really an hour of serving food, was that my face hurt from genuinely smiling. I felt strong, I felt beautiful (even in the funky hair net and plastic apron!), I felt fully present, I felt joy. It was at that moment that I finally understood what the true meaning of "serving" is...and that this is what God has designed for all of us...I had finally found "the perfect image".