Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because I looked down

"Happy Isle, Yosemite"
watercolor (22" x 30")
$1,000 now $800

It seemed simple goodness, it was my idea...all we had to do was cross the river...preferably without getting wet (it was a cool morning and really didn't feel like getting my feet soaked).  We scouted the river's edge for the narrowest and shallowest place to cross.  "Ah ha!  there!" I said pointing..."we can hop and skip to that boulder.  Climb atop the bolder (which is in the middle of the stream/river)  then jump to the other side of the river." Well, we got to that perfectly placed boulder, my husband agilely and limberly jumped off it onto dry ground across the river.  Me? well once a top the boulder, I looked was pretty high up there? I looked down...the water looked deep?  I looked was wider than it looked originally from the scouting point?  I looked down.....well the landing ground was full of large unstable rocks (definitely ankle twisting material).  All of a sudden my perspective changed.  All of a sudden my confidence floated down stream.  All of a sudden I was frozen. All of a sudden I was full of doubt and could only imagine the worse outcomes.  Why? because I looked down. Well, suffice it to say a lot of major self talking occurred and I took the leap...but I had to do it without looking down, I had to look at where I wanted to land. Today, let's try not to "look down" but rather where we want to land.