Friday, April 2, 2010

Cruisin' on PCH- Sold!

"Cruisin' on PCH"
watercolor (11" x 30")

Do you like taking road trips? Do you like seeing the road just expand in front of you? or do you enjoy the twisting turns of not seeing what's around the bend?  I think sometimes our preferences in life show us really "where we are".  For example, me? I like a nice combination of both.  The straight-aways of just comforting as that may be to "know and see where I am going" (I have huge control issues that still haven't been resolved), I also get bored very easily (in my family we call that A.D.D.).  Yet, I equally love the curvy, twists and turns...always anticipating the new view around the bend....BUT, one can get a bit exhausted (and a tad carsick too) sitting on the edge of your seat seeing what's next (especially if you have unresolved control issues!)....Ahhh but the Pacific Coast Highway, or as we SoCal locals call it- "the PCH" just perfect for me.  A beautiful blend of straight-aways and lovely bends in the roads....and for that moment I don't have to work out my unresolved "control issues"...well it is a road trip after all...I'm on holiday.