Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The good fruit

watercolor   (9" x 12")

It's a biblical parable...you can't grow good fruit off a bad vine... make a tree good and it's fruit will be good. Hmm...really makes you think, huh?  I like vineyards...I like the way they look.  I like the way they are organized. I like the way some of the year they are tightly pruned and barren, and that some of the year they are growing wildly about and vividly green, and then the best part of the year comes, they are decorated with beautiful and bountiful fruit. So in order to have good fruit, one needs the order, the pruning, the wildness and free growth stages. But I also imagine good fruit also comes from good soil, nurturing and protection.  Makes me think about my "fruit"...how is my "vineyard"?...how can I make sure that my vines are "good" so that I yield the "good fruit"?