Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come Together -sold!

"Tokyo Market Lights"
 watercolor   (9" x 12")

"Ah hah"...that moment when you look at something and it comes together. Painting has truly revealed to me that I am not in control...really go figure! Seriously, I am a recovering control freak,...and watercolor painting reminds me of this daily.  This painting started out as a lovely afternoon with a friend sitting at my dining room table, a sketch, a wash or two of color, sweet chit-chatting with my friend. At first I liked the composition, but then I quickly got overwhelmed with "everything" that had to be "put in" (i.e. people, cars, lights, signs, doorways, street venders, lampposts, buildings...you name it, it had to go in).  The colors then seemed to get out of hand....uh oh!!! I was loosing control....what did I do? I panicked! No seriously, I let go...I let it be and just simplified...I stepped away, enjoyed the visit with my girlfriend and just simplified...and it all came together. Hmmm, perhaps us "control freaks" can take that perspective into our daily life....just simplify, let go and let it all come together.