Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neat Little Cohesive Packages

"Different, But the Same"
watercolor (9" x 12")

A funny thing happened at the artist studio the other day....I had recently done a painting, that in my opinion, was very successful. That being said, there is a juried gallery show that I am entering in.  I am submitting 3 pieces, however, this third piece just seemed like an odd ball out.  In my mind, I wanted a cohesive little package to submit that would show fabulously together in the gallery.  So I say to myself  "No worries, I will just paint another in a coordinating color palette to the other two pieces"....well the second version, which is from a different reference photo...ended up looking just like the first (but not). How can that be?  I intended for a completely different painting, different composition, different color was supposed to be different so that I could have my neat little cohesive package to submit.  What happened? I have no idea...but the lesson I have learned is that ---what is meant to come out will come out, and that things can't always be put together in "neat little cohesive packages".