Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Non-Girlie Girl's Birthday! -SOLD!

 "Red Dawn II"
watercolor (6" x 18")

Today is my friend's birthday. When possible, if I know a friend follows my blog, I like to do a special posting for them on their birthday.  And this friend...I know faithfully reads my blog.  She is a great friend. She never fails to share with me if she liked a particular posting or painting.  Funny thing is, she doesn't like "pink" or "purples" she says she's not a "girly girl", so a lot of my paintings (although she says she likes) aren't "for her". I love her honesty and devotion to following my work. But more importantly, I like the friend that she is.... she is a person that without hesitation lends a helping hand...she is a doer, a fixer, and has a generous spirit. So, because of her self-proclaimed non-girliness ...I came up with "Red Dawn II".  Happy Birthday Girlfriend!