Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Changing my Perspective- SOLD!

"Pasadena City Hall III"
watercolor (6 " x 11")

Well once again, here we are looking at the same thing (Pasadena City Hall)...but with a new perspective.  I like just can't get bored with things if you try to change your perspective.  This week I am being challenged in this area-- changing my perspective. In particular, I am being challenged to personally grow, heal and change...the "old way" just isn't working anymore (well it just isn't very healthy).  Ooohhh, this is soooo hard, but so necessary.   I am charged with looking at myself with a new perspective (ouch!...where did all those "issues" come from?).  I am charged with looking at people with a new perspective (oh! maybe this isn't all your fault).  I am charged with taking the time to heal my past wounds so that I can be present (what do you mean I have to sit still?).  I am charged with choosing to change (this isn't easy)....change me, so that I may have a new healthier perspective in life.