Friday, June 4, 2010

Rose Bowl Wedding Receptions -SOLD!

"Rose Bowl II"
Watercolor (6" x 11")
SOLD (Commission)

I learned something new the other matter how hard you have something planned out, mapped out, or your intentions real just can't always go as planned. And this is a good thing.  As you all may know, I have started a new adventure of "I Do" Wedding Commissions....and it has been going great. I had visions of wedding photos to work with, yeilding exquisite couples portrayed in their loveliest moments... Well, believe it or not, this the most recent Wedding Commission...the lovely wedding couple is having their reception in the Rose Bowl field (how fun would that be?) and a loved one of that couple wanted to give them the perfect wedding gift.

Hence, I have come to the conclusion that control is way over rated, and that we all could use a intervention in our "control issues"...imagine the possibilities, if more of us let go and let it be what it is meant to be. We could all have "Rose Bowl Wedding Receptions"