Monday, July 5, 2010

Dean's Ski Jump- SOLD!

"Dean's Ski Jump"
watercolor (6" x 8")
SOLD (commission)  

This is a little story of passion and perseverance. Dean loves to ski...but he didn't start out being good at skiing.  Shortly after moving to Switzerland he realized that most of his school mates were in the top ski school...which meant Friday afternoons off and skiing!  Well that sounded grand to Dean! Dean wanted to do the ski jumps with his friends too, but only the top group of skiers within the school were allowed to jump....his desire to be the best and be with his friends pressed him on.  He eventually was able to join the Friday group and ski and do the ski jumps with his mates, but from what I hear, he was not the most elegant skier.  He had the most crashes, and this frustrated his coach to no end.  Eventually, the instructor gave up and let Dean do his own thing....including ending up with the most fractures and injuries.  
When you have the passion and perseverance, and desire to just be with your never know what you may achieve!