Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Title the Untitled" -SOLD!

"Untitled #8"
watercolor (12" x 12")
Painting on Arches paper mounted on archival museum board,
UV and archival varnish coated. Display easel included.

Well, its been awhile...but here is another "Title the Untitled".  Remember, the best title wins a set of J Hill Paintings notecards and a mention in October's Newsletter.

Speaking of "remembering"; the old saying 'an elephant never forgets' is scientific fact. Matriarchs in particular have a social memory whereby they are able to remember old faces. This skill can be vital to the survival of the herd; when the female elephants encounter other individuals they do not recognise, family members bunch together defensively to protect their young. Most interesting, elephants show signs of grief over dead relatives such as gently touching the corpses with their feet and caressing the bodies with their trunks. So it is true, an elephants memory is superb. Me? on the other hand, not so good.  Those of you that know me can attest to this (if I remember who you are...just kidding ). But seriously, if you ask me what colors I used in this painting...I can't remember!