Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Being Still"

"Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena IV"
watercolor (6" x 12")
Painting on Arches paper mounted on archival museum board,
UV and archival varnish coated. Display easel included.
Available at

Do you ever get so focused on what you "have to do" that you loose sight of what you are doing?  In my world...its called not being present.  I have been so busy lately that this seems to be my constant state of being...and I don't like it. I have prayed for "stillness". And in His typically humorous fashion...God has answered my prayer and has really tried to show me what he wants me to do....slow down and disconnect from the electronics. Unfortunately, I can be a bit of a knucklehead sometimes....so on Thursday of last week, our neighborhood lost electrical power from 3:00 in the afternoon till midnight. Very inconvenient for all that I had to do.  Apparently..I didn't get the message, because I was so focused on preparing for the Pasadena Art Walk making up for "lost time", that again on Friday afternoon our neighborhood lost electricity, but this time it didn't come back on till 3:30 AM. Again, my husband plead with me..."please go and get present with the Lord so we and all our neighbors can get our power back" To make matters worse, early in the evening the electricity came back on for all our neighbors except those on our side of the street.
This week...I am really trying to be still.
P.S. As I was writing this and trying to "post it" our internet service went out......seriously!!! You all may not be hearing from me anytime soon....it is all part of His plan.