Monday, May 31, 2010

My Version of Plein Air Painting - sold

"Morning Rush Hour in South Pasadena" 
watercolor  (9" x12")

What is better than lounging around on your chaise lounge, in the sun, on a holiday weekend? Well, of course, lounging around on your chaise lounge, in the sun, on a holiday weekend...Painting!!! Oh what an experience this was for me....Notes to self:  1) watercolors behave much differently in the blazing hot sun, 2) colors are very different in the bright sun as compared to the studio (especially if you aren't wearing sunglasses, and 3) you get a funny tan lines "sun bathing" and painting at same time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"I Do" Wedding Commissions

Announcing "I Do" Wedding commissions. Original watercolor paintings taking your very special moment and translating them into heartfelt personalized pieces of art that will last for generations to come. Click on link below.

Wedding Commissions Brochure.pdf

Thursday, May 27, 2010

She has everything

"In the Middle"
watercolor (12" x 9")

How fortunate is this little one in the middle?
She has her Momma.
She has her Poppa.
She has both their hands to hold her up.
She has the protection of her daddy.
She has the nurturing of her mommy.
She, at this moment, has everything.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Title the Untitled #5

"Untitled #5"
watercolor (5" x 8")

Such a serene scene....the inspiration for this one?...well, peace and rejuvenation.  I wish you all peace and rejuvenation, even if its just for the moment of you gazing at this painting. Now what would be a good title for this one? Just so you know, our daughter said "How about 'Winter Walk' "? So the competition may be a bit tough this month....

Remember winners for best "Title the Untitled" and the "next 100th commenter" get announced in the monthly  J. Hill Newsletter. Keep a look out for it in your e-mailbox, it should be released early next week. If you aren't receiving it, you can sign up here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I choose you -sold!

"Down the Aisle"
watercolor  (5" x 8")

I choose you, in good times and bad

I choose you, in sickness and in health

I choose you, in strength and in weakness

I choose you, in times of joy and in sorrow

I choose you, in friendship and in love

I choose you, in compatability and in differences

I choose you, today, tomorrow and always...faithfully.

Friday, May 21, 2010


"Do I Have to Go Up There?"
watercolor  (14" x 6")
I was driving through downtown the other day...and managed to capture this moment.  It really struck if I could totally understand what this woman was thinking.  "Do I really have to climb these stairs all the way up there?"  Ever have one of those days, where everything is a climb?...Perhaps I was having one of those days and thus could relate, or maybe simply she was on the other side of the spectrum - actually getting a good workout by jogging the stairs and taking a well deserved breather.  In which case, I was merely projecting my own fatigue onto the scenario....hmmm, I wonder if I do that a lot...project my own feelings in interpreting the moments?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Non-Girlie Girl's Birthday! -SOLD!

 "Red Dawn II"
watercolor (6" x 18")

Today is my friend's birthday. When possible, if I know a friend follows my blog, I like to do a special posting for them on their birthday.  And this friend...I know faithfully reads my blog.  She is a great friend. She never fails to share with me if she liked a particular posting or painting.  Funny thing is, she doesn't like "pink" or "purples" she says she's not a "girly girl", so a lot of my paintings (although she says she likes) aren't "for her". I love her honesty and devotion to following my work. But more importantly, I like the friend that she is.... she is a person that without hesitation lends a helping hand...she is a doer, a fixer, and has a generous spirit. So, because of her self-proclaimed non-girliness ...I came up with "Red Dawn II".  Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Neglected and Forgotten -SOLD!

"Stormy Rialto"
watercolor (9" x 12")

We have an old historical theater in our town of South Pasadena, called The Rialto.  Its a treasure that has unfortunately has been neglected and forgotten. How did that happen? I do not know the details...but there it stands... old and abandoned. Wouldn't it be nice if someone came in and revamped it, restored it, made it usable great would that be? I see the potential.  I am sure others see the potential. Makes me think of my life...I see the potential in me, I see the potential in others, I hope others see everyone else's potential, so that we too may never become neglected and forgotten.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bless Those Men!

"Waiting on the Wives"
watercolor (8" x 10")

If you have a husband that while on vacation, lets you meander in and out of shops, and waits ever so patiently for you...say a prayer of thanks.  I have that husband. If you have a set of friends that you can travel with, who will keep your husband company while the girls get lost meandering in and out of shops....then say hallelujah! I have those friends.  Another painting inspired from our Italy trip, this scene is so common....seeing the men waiting outside for their wives....shooting the breeze. Bless those men!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Detours Aren't So Bad

"Atchison St, Pasadena"
watercolor (6.5 " x 12")

The other day, driving my usual route from our daughter's school to my exercise class, I ran into street construction. BIG delay...and  I was in no mood to sit there and wait it I took an immediate right.  Whoa!!! what is this?  a beautiful tree-lined street, trees so mature that they make a dense canopy...the lights and colors were magnificent.  So, of course, I did what every person in a rush on a Monday morning does.... I drove even slower....taking it all in...I slowed down... I took a photo.... I slowed down.  Hmmm, detours aren't so bad.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neat Little Cohesive Packages

"Different, But the Same"
watercolor (9" x 12")

A funny thing happened at the artist studio the other day....I had recently done a painting, that in my opinion, was very successful. That being said, there is a juried gallery show that I am entering in.  I am submitting 3 pieces, however, this third piece just seemed like an odd ball out.  In my mind, I wanted a cohesive little package to submit that would show fabulously together in the gallery.  So I say to myself  "No worries, I will just paint another in a coordinating color palette to the other two pieces"....well the second version, which is from a different reference photo...ended up looking just like the first (but not). How can that be?  I intended for a completely different painting, different composition, different color was supposed to be different so that I could have my neat little cohesive package to submit.  What happened? I have no idea...but the lesson I have learned is that ---what is meant to come out will come out, and that things can't always be put together in "neat little cohesive packages".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Morning Light at Pasadena City Hall

"Morning Light at Pasadena City Hall"
watercolor (22" x 30")

There's nothing like scouting around with camera in capture that perfect image to paint.  Mornings and dusk are the best time...light diffusing in and long shadows cast.  I remember when I took this photo, it was early, the courtyard was quiet, the fountain splashing, and the shadows cool. I remember thinking to myself, as I started to see the 9-to-5er's reporting to work,....this wouldn't be a bad place to work at.

Thanks to all who came to the Sierra Madre Art Fair last weekend, it was great to see familiar faces and meet new friends.  I had so much fun that I have decided to do the Montrose Art Walk this Saturday (May 8th) 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.  It will be located on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, Ca 91020. (exit off the 210 freeway on Oceanview Blvd south). Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come Together -sold!

"Tokyo Market Lights"
 watercolor   (9" x 12")

"Ah hah"...that moment when you look at something and it comes together. Painting has truly revealed to me that I am not in control...really go figure! Seriously, I am a recovering control freak,...and watercolor painting reminds me of this daily.  This painting started out as a lovely afternoon with a friend sitting at my dining room table, a sketch, a wash or two of color, sweet chit-chatting with my friend. At first I liked the composition, but then I quickly got overwhelmed with "everything" that had to be "put in" (i.e. people, cars, lights, signs, doorways, street venders, lampposts, name it, it had to go in).  The colors then seemed to get out of hand....uh oh!!! I was loosing control....what did I do? I panicked! No seriously, I let go...I let it be and just simplified...I stepped away, enjoyed the visit with my girlfriend and just simplified...and it all came together. Hmmm, perhaps us "control freaks" can take that perspective into our daily life....just simplify, let go and let it all come together.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

When do you know?

When do you know when you have found your passion?  When do you know when you are doing what you are meant to do? When do you know you are truly blessed?  I believe when you have a day that is an endpoint of an entire process (the fruition of hard work)...and you are in such a bubble that time just passes - that's when you know. I believe that when you enjoy every moment of the process to get to that "endpoint"...that in your heart and mind there is no longer an "endpoint".  There isn't a destination. There isn't a goal to be met.....just the opportunity to enjoy every moment - that's when you know.  I found mine... have you found yours?

One more day of the Sierra Madre Art Fair-- Sunday May 2nd 9:30- 5:00 P.M.
Hope to see you there!

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