Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Harbor Reflections

"Harbor Reflections"
watercolor (6" x 12")

There are times in an artist's walk...where you get an 'A-Ha" moment...when things just gel together a bit better and you can see your art is perhaps going to a new level.  This, I have to admit, does not happen takes classes, books, videos, workshops, hours and hours of painting, and of course the input from your circle of fellow artists.  Technology today is grand...can you see a certain someone's finger pointing at a particular section of my painting (on her computer screen 3,000 miles away)....we were having a slight communication brake she took a picture of where she was pointing and sent it to me. Cleared things all up...except "Kelley, are you talking about where your finger is touching? or the general area where you are pointing?"...all that to say...I think I got an "A-ha" moment out of it.