Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Old Red Truck

"This Old Red Truck"
watercolor (5" x 7")

My friend Kelley Sanford is a fabulous friend and a phenomenal colorist.  And as any fabulous friend and color specialist should be, she has politely, but assertively, pointed out that I have an issue that needs be addressed. I have an aversion to Cadmium Red Light with a habit of using Alizerin Crimson.  All you artists out there know exactly what I am talking about.....the warm versus cool reds. I have been very partial to the cool reds....but only because something about Cad Red Light paint on the palette makes my stomach turn...Well anyway, I am working through it cause in the last two paintings I broke my habit...didn't use Alizerin Crimson once....
whew was that hard! 
I am thankful to have a dear friend to help break a bad you have an "Alizarin Crimson" habit?

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