Sunday, March 20, 2011

Elie-Fannies, stage 3

"Elie-Fannies", In Progress
watercolor (11" x 30")
Stage 3

Well, here we go...on to the fun build up stages. This is where I must be disciplined and slow down to take photos of the progress, as I easily get lost in the painting. I have to be strategic in color usage...although it may seem that the elephants are the same...I have to be sure to alternate the warms and cools, and use subtle hue changes, so that each "Fanny" gets to stand a bit out on its own in this big herd. (Isn't that what we all want, for our big fanny to stand out?) :)

stay tuned for the next stages.....

P.S. Kelley Sanford asked: "What do we get at the big reveal, champagne or peanuts?" 
What do you all think?