Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elie-Fannies, stage 1

"Elie-Fannies", in progress
sketch (11" x 30")
Stage 1

I thought for the next few posts I would share the step by step process of my current painting, titled "Eli-Fannies"... you can see the progess as I go.  

If you remember, I just did a small study of two of these great elephants. This study allowed me to get a feel of what I like ( I know I like elephants), what works (elephant butts aren't that ugly), what doesn't work (colors? hmmmm), etc.  

From the study, I loved the composition but decided to change up the colors a bit. 

Currently in our home, we are re-doing alot of our rooms (another story for another day), and had this paint chip laying around...I liked the color combo in used that as a starting point...

From there I played with colors on my palette and made this test strip of them:

Next came the composition.  I found several different reference photos (I must say...there really aren't that many photos out there of elephant butts!)....then sketched out the piece on Arches 140lb watercolor paper (11" x 30").

Now you are up to speed....stay tuned!