Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for champagne and peanuts!!

"Elie-Fannies", final
watercolor (11" x 25")

Well, as Kelley's the big reveal...time for champagne and peanuts! 
Who knew animal butts could be so much fun!

"Elie-Fannies, stage 5"
For those that are interested, to get to the final stage I removed the masking fluid revealing the protected whites.  I soften some edges of these protected white shapes and grayed out some  (especially those in the elephants that are further away). I popped in more color into the elephants in the foreground.  I weighted down the elephants in the rear (not their rears...). I cropped the left hand side about 4.5 inches, so that your eye stays in the painting more. And then I signed it!