Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(One Half) Summer en Plein Air #7 -Sold!

"Dog Beach, Huntington Beach"
watercolor (6" x 9")

Continuing on with my "Summer en Plein Air" series.
Yesterday we went to Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, Ca.
The whole family went...including the dog.
I have never seen so many dogs and surfers in one place before.
So very entertaining.
As entertaining as it was, it was very chaotic. 
Throw in an umbrella that won't stay in the ground, 
a dog that won't listen,
sand flying all over the place from all the dogs running around, 
and people that have the nerve to set up camp right in line where I was painting....
Suffice it to say, I only started this painting en plein air and had to finish back at the studio...
hence the the title
"(One Half) Summer en Plein Air #7"