Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer en Plein Aire #6

"Lifeguard Tower #1, Pacific Palisades"
watercolor (7" x 9")

Summer is in full swing here at the Hill Household.
And now that I am all painted out for the train show...even more free time!
Off to the beach we headed.
Daughter frolicking in the ocean,
Me under the umbrella, capturing this familiar sight.
My conundrum for the day?...our beach day started out foggy and overcast,
painting started out as such.
Half way through the painting the sun comes out...
Do I finish as I started ...grey and hazy? 
or switch to bright sunny day?
Well, I decided to stay on as planned, ignoring my reality.
I kinda liked that..."ignoring the reality".

Today's painting is available,
just email me