Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh, How I Missed You! -Sold!

 "Oh, How I Missed You"
watercolor (12" x 15")

Continuing on with the sappiness...Kelley Sanford and I have a fabulous friendship.
Among other things, we share paintings in progress and seek feedback on most.
So back when I was working on my train series, I did this piece...and shared it with her.
Her response, "Like it...but LOVE the conductor in the background"
My response to her, "Yea, whatever"
Kelley said, "I think you should paint the conductor...forget the sappy couple stuff"
Again my response to her, "Yea, whatever"
Well, like any good friend would...I listened to her,
and you all remember the conductor I painted (click here)...
turns out, it was one of the first pieces of the Railway Series to sell at my solo show....
I hate it when she is right, but LOVE that I am still sappy and she ain't.

Today's sappy and romantic piece is available (framed too if you like)
just email me