Sunday, October 30, 2011

Majesty and Glory- Sold

"Majesty and Glory"
watercolor (14" x 19")
SOLD (commission)

These are the best commissions to do:
One of your favorite VIP collectors goes on a lovely vacation.
She comes back with a zillion photos.
She says she wants a painting.
I say let me see what I can come up with.
I pour over her delightful photos.
I present her with some options.
She says go for it!

What a blessing to go for this one!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hooray for Hollywood!

"Hooray for Hollywood"
watercolor (7" x 10")

Can you see it?
The distinctive and iconic sign in the distance?
Its such the LA symbol, isnt it?
Did you know that the Hollywood sign is over 45 feet tall?

Its so small from afar, yet clear as day and overbearing when up close.
Reminds me of my relationship with God and understanding His will in my life....
I am always looking for signs...
maybe I am not seeing them cause I am too far away from Him.

How would you like this little bit of iconic original art?
It's available just email me

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Basket of Autumn- Sold!

 "A Basket of Autumn"
watercolor (7" x 10")

A flavor of Fall for you all.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopping Day at Via Rodeo- Sold!

"Shopping Day at Via Rodeo, Beverly Hills"
watercolor (12" x 15")

There's always a bit of excitement in our household when the seasons change...
a spirit of new beginnings,
a new look for the house, 
including changing paintings out.
Today, I was looking for pieces that are committed for upcoming shows
and getting organized for my trip to the framers...and found this piece.
Although I had done the smaller version of it earlier in the summer....(click here if interested)
I realized that I hadn't posted this one.
Well, off to my fresh beginnings and new look for the house.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lil' Pumpkin Patch- Sold!

 "Lil' Pumpkin Patch"
watercolor (5" x 8")

Don't you just love Fall?
We live in Southern California...where we are accused of having NO seasons.
Well, yes we do have seasons...they just ain't as dramatic as what those OTHER folks have.
Pumkins still grow here, leaves still turn and and those crisp cool mornings are upon us.
Happy Fall every one!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Old Barn

 "This Old Barn"
watercolor (9" x 12")

The stories old barns could tell...
probably not as juicy as old houses, but still good stuff.
Good stuff about what it means to work hard.
Good stuff about what an honest day's wages looks like.
Good stuff about the how fathers make men out of their sons.
I wonder what This Old Barn would say?

If you are interested in today's painting, 
just email me

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Winter's Walk- Sold!

"A Winter's Walk"
watercolor (9" x 12")

Can you believe it...another sappy painting!
Kelley Sanford is screaming "enough already!"
But I don't care....I love it!
I love it so much...that I have been forwarding all the sappy-loving comments to her ....its driving her crazy!
So let's continue with all the great loving-syruppy-sweet comments...
and just push her over the edge...maybe she will join us?


I am pleased to announce 
that today's piece and several others will be be included in the next DanielakArt exhibition:

"Winter's Light"

Featuring the work of twenty-one outstanding California-based
artists and photographers


Thursday Evening - November 10, 2011
6 pm to 9 pm

Delicious hors d'ouvres & no host bar

The Women's City Club of Pasadena
at the Historic Blinn House (built 1905)
160 N. Oakland Avenue
(Parking behind the building off of Madison Avenue)
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone of Club: 626-796-0560

Margaret Danielak, Curator of Exhibitions
DanielakArt - Art Sales & Consulting Services since 2000

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh, How I Missed You! -Sold!

 "Oh, How I Missed You"
watercolor (12" x 15")

Continuing on with the sappiness...Kelley Sanford and I have a fabulous friendship.
Among other things, we share paintings in progress and seek feedback on most.
So back when I was working on my train series, I did this piece...and shared it with her.
Her response, "Like it...but LOVE the conductor in the background"
My response to her, "Yea, whatever"
Kelley said, "I think you should paint the conductor...forget the sappy couple stuff"
Again my response to her, "Yea, whatever"
Well, like any good friend would...I listened to her,
and you all remember the conductor I painted (click here)...
turns out, it was one of the first pieces of the Railway Series to sell at my solo show....
I hate it when she is right, but LOVE that I am still sappy and she ain't.

Today's sappy and romantic piece is available (framed too if you like)
just email me

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For The Love-Sold!

"For the Love"
watercolor (7" x 10")

Some of you know that I have a dear friend, Kelley Sanford,  (a fantastic and accomplished artist)....well, on her last post she was mentioning something about me being a sappy soul and her not having a sentimental bone in her anywhere... or at least its well's painting is dedicated to is just oozing sap!

Today's painting, the sweet little thing that it is, is just may get some ooyey gooey sap.
email me

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in the Day- Sold!

"Back in The Day"
watercolor (9" x12")

Back in the Day...
when you really "dialed up" someone on the phone.

Back in the Day...
when you really "rolled up the window" in the car.

Back in the Day...
when you really "turned the channel" on the tv.

Back in the Day...