Saturday, November 26, 2011

No painting today my we speak, my studio is being packed up...preparing for the big move. But I did want to share with you all Carrie Waller's feature on me. It was a delight to be interviewed by her, so if you are interested click here to read it.

Friday, November 18, 2011


watercolor (6" x 6")
available at Chemers Gallery

Do you remember putting playing cards beteeen the spokes of your bike?
Do you remember getting the colorful plastic spoke covers?
Do you remember the clickers that attached to the spokes?
All so that someone could hear you coming down the street.

What else do you remember about your childhood bicycle?
I remember I had a bright yellow Schwinn with a matching yellow banana seat.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wine Country

"Wine Country"
Watercolor (6" x 6")

What does one do when moving to a new home, 
trying to sell your current home, 
preparing for a Studio Moving Sale, 
all the while keeping "life going in the household"...
well of course... escape to paint. 
That's what I do!

Interested in today's little gem?
Its available, just email me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sushi Anyone?

"Sushi Anyone?"
watercolor (6" x 6")
available at Chemers Gallery

The other evening the Hill family was out for one of our local Pasadena restaurants called Houstons. It's a great dark ambient steak/seafood/sushi/salad etc place. Of course, this shot was a must I whipped my camera phone. My family has gotten quite used to this...but the friend we were with was a little amused. Then my family proceeded to say "Oh this isn't bad, she has rolled all the way up into the kitchen to get that 'perfect photo to paint'....she is being very discreet now...look not even a flash"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NYC, Golden Light

"NYC, Golden Light"
watercolor (6" x 6")
available at Chemers Gallery

The hustle and bustle of city living.
I know some people love it...preferring it to the quiet rural scene.
The quiet simple stuff I adore, with the choice to go into the craziness when needed...
Yes, suburbia works for me just fine.
How about you?

Would you like this little taste of hustle and bustle?
It's available just email me

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Donetta's Repose- Sold

 "Donetta Repose"
watercolor (22" x 30")
SOLD (commission)

A new collector of J Hill Paintings wanted a painting to go over their fireplace mantel. They were looking through my work and saw a small previously sold piece which they really liked. We discussed what they liked  about it, and that she would like more flowers too.
I love doing commissions like this...client knows exactly what they want, I get to paint my favorites: architecture, arches, fountains, sun light, and fun shadows...all that while working with a delightful people. And she helped me title it too..."Donetta's Repose". Isn't that lovely?