Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hahamongna Wash Evening, plein air

"Hahamongna Wash Evening, plein air"
watercolor (7" x 10")
available, click here 

The other evening it was delightful weather,
and perfect summer timing
 (meaning that there was plenty of day light to play after dinner).
 So we as a family, decided to go hiking, gallivanting, and painting.
Many of you have inquired about my plein air approach and setup...
so I thought to include a few photos.
Here I am on the trail in. That's Starr our dog, she always goes along!
I get everything I need for painting plein in my back back. 
This is important, because when you have a 11 year old daughter and a rambunctious dog....we need to find ourselves off the beaten path and preferably near water for them to play in. 
That means hiking in some distance.

The easel I use is En Plein Air Pro. I love it! 
It is so light weight and durable...
and so very easy and quick to set up.

For plein air I usually paint a 7" x 10" or a 9" x 12"...this keeps things at a do-able size, especially for watercolor (where everything dries so quick out in the elements)

I use a value/view finder to see potential compostions and the light-dark patterns.
After which, I sketch out the painting

I fill up my water bucket, which conveniently hangs in the center of my palette (see the round hole?). 
I always have a helper on hand for these kind of duties :-)
Amanda always finds something to explore!

Let the painting begin!

Well, that painting did not come together at all!!! So,I wont be sharing it with you.  And this an artist, I use these "failures" as opprtunities to learn and push forward.

Here are some photos of the next day at Hahamongna Wash

See what fun the family has!!