Monday, July 16, 2012

San Francisco, Leaving Chinatown

"San Francisco, Leaving Chinatown"
watercolor (12" x 16")

We went to San Francisco last week...was there for just 2 nights...44 hours total.
It was a fabulous time...loved it!
I took 440 photos...hmm that works out to 10 photos/hour...if I were awake 24/7.
So if you do the math of waking'd see that I had a very happy trigger finger.

My husband has determined that, with camera in hand, I am a danger to myself and the people around me...especially in a large busy city.
 He at one point took the camera and designated himself
 "Reference Photographer for J Hill Paintings"
Perhaps I need a special tee shirt made up
"Caution: artist aggressively seeking reference photos...approach with care!"

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