Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Before Opening, Balboa Island Fun Zone

"Before Opening, Balboa Island Fun Zone"
watercolor (12" x 12")

Yikes...I do realize it has been a while since I have posted.
It seems life is in transition for me and my family.
We have moved, but havent found our next home yet. 
What does that mean?
 Well, we are in a lovely vacation home overlooking the arroyo (Rose Bowl area) in Pasadena ....
While everything we own is in storage
 (minus the essentials like some clothing, my chef's knives, veggie juicer and, 
of course,  my painting supplies)
I think this has thrown off my rhythm a bit...
all good, just some things have gone on the way side.
Anyway, I hope Spring is getting into high gear for you all...its lovely over here.

Today's piece is available at Chemers Gallery